Aproximately 500.000 Tonnes of Tailings



Planta Miranda

Latin American Mining, LLC Series I has executed an agreement for the purchase of Planta Miranda, a floatation processing plant producing copper and gold concentrate.

Planta Miranda encompasses 7 Hectares and is permitted to process, smelt and aggregate minerals in its perimeter.

The plant purchase includes tailings located on-site. Tailings are the materials left over after the process of separating the valuable fraction from the lower grade fraction of an ore. The composition of tailings is directly dependent on the composition of the ore and the process of mineral extraction used on the ore. With modern processing equipment and technique additional minerals can be extracted and recovered.

LAM will gain Planta Miranda’s over 40 year old mineral purchasing business.

Coupled with Mina Rosa 1-20 minerals the plant will have ample minerals to process.

It is in need of the implementation of new equipment and processing techniques. The upgrades are relatively inexpensive and quick.

LAM will use the multi-faceted facility to produce gold and copper concentrate, reprocess the tailings recovering gold, and aggregate ores and concentrates.