Business Strategy

Our management is experienced in managing large projects, producing and marketing essential commodities, such as copper, iron ore, antimony, gold, silver, and other ores, concentrates, and various fuels such as crude oil, natural gas and bio-diesel.

LAM is working diligently to assemble a portfolio of high quality growth opportunities that will assist our off-takers (purchasers) in meeting their resource requirements. LAM’s strategy is to identify highly prospective mining properties and resource projects, manage their operations, ensure they are in production, and deliver the minerals to market. We will acquire and manage sought after prospects producing minerals that when sold will have significant economic impact for LAM and its members. Our responsibility is to safely achieve the most robust economic returns possible for LAM’s members without exposing the company to undue risk.



LAM's primary focus is to safely deliver minerals to Market


Our strategy aims to build on existing operations, taking advantage of significant merit-worthy opportunities for trade and resource expansion.

Through identifying key assets LAM undertakes a due diligence process which will allow us to evaluate the best businesses for its members. LAM's management will ascertain the natural resource production, processing and trade opportunities suited to its profile and will make an assessment on the asset to determine whether it is a commercially viable prospect to take on. To assess the viability of mining, processing, and natural resource trade opportunities a number of factors, including but are not limited to: location, production cost, profile of the operator, local amenities and infrastructure, political stability, weather, market pricing and trends, logistics, mineral analysis, estimated reserves, reserve reports, and commercial terms.

These checks and balances are incorporated into the evaluation process and will allow LAM to understand and interpret the facts prior to formally taking on a project. LAM will evaluate all the available data and liaise with the mine and processor owners, operators, off-takers and other industry professionals in assessing the prospect(s) feasibility and whether it would be suited for its members.


LAM adds value at the inception of the Supply Chain


For each project LAM will have the authority and responsibility as its management. Our policy of transparency means communicating their performance to our members and partners on a regular basis.

Our management team’s strategy of controlling and safely operating an asset base of long-life, low-cost and risk, expandable, upstream assets diversified by commodity, primarily within Latin America, catering to the international markets, together with our ability and commitment to delivering projects on budget and to schedule. Latin American Mining deems the successful execution of this strategy as our measure of success.

Because LAM has the expertise to produce and deliver minerals to market we have the ability to enter into off-take agreements with natural resource producers at the mine; infusing capital at or prior to the point of production in the supply chain thus offering expedient cash flow. These agreements are invaluable and an excellent form of financing for producers of minerals.

LAM negotiates the commercial terms relating to the trade, sale and the procurement of commodities.