Latin American Mining places great importance on the role of corporate governance in all aspects of its business activities. We believe it is essential to have a robust structure in place to ensure that the interests of all members, partners, and stakeholders are balanced and protected. As a result we endeavour to be a transparent business by always putting the values of our members and key stakeholders at the heart of everything we do.

In practice, transparency will be achieved by providing members access to key financial information about how the projects are being run, including the ability to look at the operating expenses and the payments it receives as per its investment stake in them. Prospective members will also have the opportunity to request geological studies and analysis on the mines and processing plants ores and concentrates in order to give them all the data they need to assess the viability of the project(s).

Ensuring that Latin American Mining’s financial results fairly reflect the results of our operations is of paramount importance to our company and our investors. We are committed to managing our affairs consistent with the highest principles of business ethics and to meeting or exceeding the corporate governance requirements of the jurisdictions of our businesses.



Latin American Mining, LLC is a Series LLC headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with a principal office in Viña del Mar, Chile, on site mine and plant operation teams, and a sales staff in Beijing, China and Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Latin American Mining is the “parent or master” LLC of a series LLC; (formed like an ordinary LLC) of an umbrella like structure. Although each Series may have the same management and infrastructure they will operate as separate entities. Each Series is independent and has its own operating agreement, bank accounts, members, duties, rights, contracts, agreements, books, records, financials, financial statements, assets, and liabilities that will be segregated from any other Series. Members will only benefit and be exposed to the programme they invest in and not to any other series within the LLC

Latin American Mining will ensure that the affairs of each Series are run with the upmost vigour and will in turn provide a platform for delivering credible returns for their investors.



Latin American Mining seeks to bring the benefits of base and precious metal ores and concentrates and other commodities to the world.

- We're committed to delivering our products safely and responsibly.

- The safety of our people is our number one priority. 

- Our ambition is to create a workplace that is free from fatalities, injuries and occupational diseases.

- Latin American Mining believes that everyone must take a personal responsibility for preventing injuries and occupational diseases.

- We expect our people to come to work medically, emotionally and physically fit, to follow health and safety instructions and to take responsibility for their own and their colleagues’ safety.

- We support our management’s efforts to create a safe work environment through the application of effective controls.

- We are committed to working on continuously improving our health safety protocols.

- Continuous improvement in all areas of health and safety management means that we expect our leaders to lead in being accountable for health and safety performance.

- We aim to instill a culture in which everyone puts safety first and fully integrates our values into their working lives.

- We aim to instill the "safety first" culture to all our people, including contractors and suppliers, to adopt a safety as our first priority.

- We encourage our stakeholders to report conditions that endanger their own or other's health and safety.

- We consider legal compliance to be the minimum standard.

As Latin American Mining’s commitment to responsible and sustainable development the management will work in coordination with all the areas of the company to secure, among other aspects, the following:

-To incorporate environmental and environmental management variables into mid and long term development plans of the company.

-To elaborate and implement strategies and standards to address environmental issues.

-To watch over the compliance with specific guidelines to address environmental issues such as waste management, water resources and wastewater, environmental incidents, emissions, among other.

-To update and implement closure plans for all the divisions, according to specific guidelines.

-To identify and analyze all projects from the first stages, to address the possible environmental impacts, at every stage of their development and in the implementation of measures to avoid them or the mitigation and control activities.

-To carry out at the beginning of the engineering stages of each project an analysis and plan guided by the laws in whichever jurisdiction we are operating, and regarding all the stages of environmental qualification.

These activities are part of our ongoing effort to build and sustain the trust and confidence of those who have an interest in Latin American Mining and everyone affected by our activities.

We plan on developing sustainability programming to be an ingrained strength for Latin American Mining as we implement to deliver top-tier performance in the areas of worker safety, community relations, and environmental responsibility.